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[K] Isidore: School of Magic

Prijs: 5 EUR
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datum: zo 01 maart 2020, 17:01

Titel: Isidore: School of Magic
Uitgever: Jumbo
Auteur: Hidde Van Dijk

Leeftijd: 6
Speelduur: 20
Spelers: 2 - 4

Beschrijving [Van BGG]: Isidore's dynamics and ambience allow children as young as six to play, which makes it an excellent game to play as a family and to get children started in the world of modern board games.

Students attending the Isidore School of Magic are trained to become Wizards and Witches... and you’re one of them! But, before qualifying top of your class, you have to prepare your ultimate magic spell. You need three rare treasures from the Kingdom of Calandria: a tear from the Water Nymph, a tooth from the Fire Dragon and an emerald from the Rock Giant. But these mythical creatures won’t give up their treasure without a fight! As a student of magic, you will need to show what you’ve learned at Isidore. You will need to trade ingredients, compose spells to control the elements of Rock, Water and Fire, and ultimately win the duels!

In Isidore, you can collect, buy or trade ingredients throughout the Kingdom of Calandria. You need these ingredients to make your Rock, Water and Fire spells. The top spell card of the stack shows which ingredients you need to make the spell. If you’re at Isidore and you have all the ingredients needed for a Rock, Water or Fire spell, you can take a spell card.

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