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BerichtGeplaatst: zo 22 jul 2018, 07:55 

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Hello there to each and every wonderful board game lover in the forum! I'm looking for playtesters for my game 'Race of Gods-Call of Olympus',

It's a competitive card game for 2-4 players that lasts around 1 hour. The players take the role of the Olympian gods try to win in a race with every dirty trick they have in their decks.

The game is already at the last stage before I start sending it to the publishers but I need some fine tuning and that's why I'd like to ask for your help.

I live and work in Delft and I don't have a car. I'd rather have playtestings on the weekends nearby so if anybody is feeling like trying out sth new and fun, drop me a message either on the game's Facebook page or to my email,

Thanks in advance!

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BerichtGeplaatst: ma 23 jul 2018, 11:56 
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If you live in Delft, you could contact the shop Speldorado, who organizes a monthly game night at the van Maanen restaurant next to it. Might be some people there who want to test the game.


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BerichtGeplaatst: ma 23 jul 2018, 12:35 
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You can come to Spelgroep Phoenix, who plays every tuesday in 't Klavier in Capelle ad IJssel. Gong 4. 19.00-24.00.
Just a few minutes walk from station Capelle Schollevaar, 10 minutes away from Rotterdam CS. But it is not in the weekend though...

Only 4 saturdays in a year, and the next one will be on 13 october, 12.00-24.00.

Unless you are alive, you can't play. If you don't play...

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BerichtGeplaatst: ma 23 jul 2018, 12:42 

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Ī¤hanks a lot for the info guys!

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BerichtGeplaatst: za 12 jan 2019, 00:27 

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Delft is not that far from Leiden, maybe I can go to Delft or you can come to Leiden to test at spellenwinkel de Tafelridder.

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