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BerichtGeplaatst: di 06 maart 2018, 14:29 

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Hello players,

My name is Nanouk, I'm a 35 year old Dutch woman (I really still want to type girl here) from Rotterdam. I have hardly any experience playing RPG's but I would love to join a group and learn. I speak Dutch but somehow English seems the more logical language in which to play games like these so if there is an English speaking group in Rotterdam (Or English speakers who want to start an English speaking group) interested in a more balanced M/F ratio :wink: I'm game!

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BerichtGeplaatst: za 28 apr 2018, 23:58 

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Hi there im also looking for a new or existing 5e d&d group around Rotterdam.
Would also be willing to host a new group if needed. I myself am from schiedam tho.
My name is Peter im 34 and have no 5e experience did play 3th for a long time. Im good with playing dutch or english. :mrgreen:

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BerichtGeplaatst: ma 07 mei 2018, 19:39 
Zwarte piet

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Woonplaats: Vlaardingen
Hey! I am Remco. I've some experience as a dm in 5e ( 2 years now.) And willing to dm new campaign
Peter and I already had some another topic.

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BerichtGeplaatst: di 08 mei 2018, 17:08 

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Still looking for players ? Im interested. 29y old and from Vlaardingen.


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BerichtGeplaatst: do 10 mei 2018, 19:20 

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I've found a group through Facebook and we are playing half Dutch- half English which works for me.
If in the future I am up for more I will be back here to see if there are people who are looking for a group. Thanks guys!

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