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BerichtGeplaatst: vr 20 jul 2018, 08:39 

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Hello, My name is Bert, I'm hosting a D&D adventure module game in Rotterdam, specifically Lost mine of Phandelver leading into Storm King's Thunder.

My current group consists of 2 ladies and one guy, ages 30+, English speaking, mostly beginners.

I am searching for new 25+ players to join us in this adventure.

We are here to relax and have fun. You can expect fighting offcourse, but intrigue and roleplaying is for sure something i focus a bit more on.My game consists of music, minis and a lot of roleplaying in the style of Matt Mercer's Critical Role.

If you are interested in joining our game, give me a headsup!

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BerichtGeplaatst: za 21 jul 2018, 11:55 

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Hey Bert, my name is Jeffrey and I'm really interested in joining your group. Currently I'm also part of a different group running Tomb of Annihilation and it is very combat heavy. It is definitely fun, but would love to also join a group that has a bit more roleplay.

In about 2 weeks I will turn 30. I also have a master tier subscription on D&D beyond with all content unlocked. Eventually I want to DM myself and I'm building my own setting, but I first want to gain some experience as a player.

What is the schedule like? How often do you want to plan? My other group is every other Sunday, so Saturday would be best for me.

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BerichtGeplaatst: zo 22 jul 2018, 18:16 

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Hi Bert,

My name is Guus. I recently moved to Rotterdam after finishing my studies and am now looking for a cool party to play dungeons and dragons with!

I'm almost 24 and have about four years of experience with dungeons and dragons 5e. I'm usually not available in weekends but happy to play e.g. every Thursday.

If you are still looking for players and like my profile/availability, we could try playing sometime to see whether I match the current group!

Cheers, Guus

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BerichtGeplaatst: ma 23 jul 2018, 09:22 

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Hi guys,
Thanks for your reply, unfortunately via Reddit I found already 2 players. Yes it went very fast. I apologize for taking your time. If things change in the future, I might wanna contact you directly. Thank you again and good luck.

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